Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One More Hilarious Reason I'm glad I Homeschool

It was a comedy of errors really.

Not sure I'd have even noticed if I hadn't followed up with the swimming desk.

I wanted to verify whether my kids had passed their most recent level of swimming and collect their badges.

The record holder scanned the list with me...

Story Teller... check
Mountain Goat..... check
Negotiator..... check
Artist.... check
Planner.... check

Wait. What's this?
Artist has no show listed beside his name.
Artist, but none of his other siblings.

That's strange. What do you suppose we've been doing with Artist, while his siblings attend swimming lessons? Duct taping him to the bumper of the van in the parking lot? No swimming lessons for you, Artist.

I was directed to ask the supervisor about it. I'm glad she found it strange also, since she has taught my son previously, recognizes that I bring ALL of my kids to class, and yet, there is a paperwork discrepancy.

I chuckle and tell her I suspect it is simply an admin error.
She decided to ask Artist's teacher about it, since she might be able to explain why he had also been missing the report card.

This is the funniest part.

Supervisor: So do you have "The Artist" in your class today?
Teacher: No, He's not here.
Supervisor: (Pointing at Artist) What about that child? What is his name?
Teacher: Oh, that's Tony. (Tony is not my son's name)
Supervisor: I see. How often does Artist attend class?
Teacher: He's been a no show for quite a while.

There is further discussion about the Artist's true identity.
Ah, the light bulb begins to go on....

Turns out Artist shows up for class, his participation has been credited to 'Tony the No Show' and Tony was issued his report card. Shockingly, Tony failed to show up to collect it.

Later I told the Artist what had happened, telling him that his name was actually Tony.
He was initially unimpressed, but then decided to make the best of it.
He's still in a superhero phase.

He's decided "Tony" is his secret identity.
He also passed.

He's also convinced that all he has to do is stop showing up for class in order to get a report card and pass his class.

Reason 3,261 that I'm glad I homeschool: It's a lot harder to lose track of who your students are.


  1. so he flat out told the teacher his name was tony?! and she never thought to question why there was no Tony on her attendance list? Too funny!

  2. He was completely oblivious about the whole thing until I told him about it after discovering it. There was a 'Tony' in the class also. They just thought 'Artist' was 'Tony'. They take attendance on their behalf, (checking off who is there, but not calling the name aloud, like in a roll call) and it wasn't until report card time came along, and we didn't get a report for him that we noticed that anything at all was amiss.
    Looking into it, it was because they had him down as not attending..... and the ball rolled down hill from here..... too funny.

    He had no idea, but decided to make the most of it after the fact :)


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