Sunday, June 8, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things: Non-Scale Victories

Though what the scale says to me these days is encouraging, there are so many other types of measurements.

We should never limit ourselves to the statement of what the scale says about our relationship with gravity.

There are so many other methods of measuring success in the weight loss arena.
Clothing size, measurements, how much we can move, what your physical endurance levels look like, and the ways we can rejoin participating in life are such fantastic indicators of our success, and can be noticed even during a weight stall. Not to mention, it's really cool to count your gratitudes of things that you've regained. In some cases you tally them up at the same time you realized you lost them in the first place.

So, for your consideration, and perhaps even to help you come up with your goal NSV's (Non-Scale Victories) I wanted to tell you a few of my favourite things about losing well over  100 pounds:

* I broke through that 'magic number' that I could NEVER get past no matter what I did.
* I fit every where now
* I don't worry if 'that chair' will hold me
* I can shop in the regular clothing size section
* Regular size clothes fit properly
* I'm not dead tired any more
* My hips, knees, feet, neck and back don't hurt any more due to the excess weight removed
* I CAN SAY YES TO MY CHILDREN, when this time last year everything that would have caused me pain, or exhaustion would have been a big 'no'.
* I participate in life, and because I put out a 'ready to participate' vibe, people respond to that.
It has positively affected my relationships
* have more energy to tackle my non-weight loss related goals
* Hope returned
* Finding collar bones 

* I can breathe when I run (I'm not one of those lucky ones that like running even now though  )
* My physical body does not hold me back
* I'm not sweating profusely when it gets hot
* The first time I walked past a store window and didn't recognize myself

* The day a normal sized towel fit
* BELTS!!!!! 
* I feel much more confident
* I fit back in my wedding dress
* My wedding bands went back on, and fit on my middle finger now- They didn't fit at all before.
* People who have told me they didn't recognize me

Thanks for sticking with me for my list of victories. I know that at the same time that you might be cheering me on, you might be feeling struggle with your goal, and desire to move forward to want to be.
If you're at the beginning of a large weight loss journey, and needing a little inspiration on accomplishing the 'impossible', just maybe you'll want to mosey over to another post on the topic: A Round Tuit: Replacing "I can't" with "I'll find a way"  


  1. Awesome Jen!! Some of these are MUCH more important than any ole number a scale may show us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think so too, Rachael. Not to mention, when we count our gratitudes along the way, hope stays. We suddenly have a little more ability to stick to it, when the going gets hard. It so often does with goals, of any type, So being able to point back to the things we have gained are so important!

    Thanks for the feedback. :)


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