Monday, November 30, 2015

Things we never saw ourselves saying before kids!

It's no secret that we have some shenaniganizers in our crew.
It has had me saying some things I never anticipated saying:


High Five for NOT peeing in your underwear!

Please put your dress back down. Yes, your underwear are very exciting. no, not everyone wants to see them.

Well, honey, I'm not sure if there are toilets in Heaven.

Scissors are not for cutting toe nails.

No. My half knitted scarf does *not* look more beautiful off the needles. But thank you for showing it to me that way.

No, I don't think we will get a 'peed' snowflake to top our Christmas tree.

I'm not sure that the kitty really liked her bath, honey.

Yes, I am aware that hygiene is important, but my toothbrush is for me, not for the cat. 

So what did you never anticipate having to say BEFORE KIDS?