Monday, June 9, 2014

Paddling like the Dickens Below the Surface: A Gastric Bypass Primer

As many of you know, I had Gastric By-Pass Surgery, coming up on a year ago now. I've been blessed to have been one of the super-responders that do really well when combining eating, exercise and coping strategies, with my tool of surgery.

I've been grateful to be part of a Weight Loss Surgery support system that allows me to see the good, bad and ugly of WLS.

The most fun is seeing so many people have triumphs. Seeing people take back their lives. We see 'Before and After' shots. The side by side comparisons of where they have been, and where they have come to. They're amazing. Sometimes it's hard to even recognize the person when they've made a metamorphosis.

It looks easy. Effortless even. Right?
Well, there is only so much you can see in that snap shot. The work it takes to get there, isn't part of that snap shot.

I know first hand  that this process carries with it, a lot of dynamics that remain unseen to the general public.  I'd like to take the time to take you through a bit of my process in the past 3 years, because really none of this began with my surgery date. It began with so many other things that led up to that date.

I have the feeling that so many people minimize people's results after gastric bypass because they don't have an appreciation for the height, depth, breath and complications of the process. I'd like to take the next couple of weeks to demistify the process a little.

Much in the same way that we can observe a duck on the surface of the water, and know that although it looks like the duck is relaxed, serene, and appears to all the world as though it is effortless for them, but under the surface a tremendous amount of work goes on to get that result.

Ever seen those cool pictures flying around the net with the huge iceberg, and 90% of it is below the surface of the water? We see this itty bitty bit of ice sitting atop the waters edge. We can't see the full depth of what is really going on.

The same is true in the Gastric bypass world. There is no easy way out, and there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes than you'd think.

I'm planning to paint you a picture of what goes on under the water's surface.

I'll be updating my progress with some pretty cool updates closer to my 'Surgaversary', so stay tuned and follow this blog via Google Plus, E-mail, or on my Blog FaceBook page, to keep up with where I'm about to go with this series!

Stay tuned.

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