Monday, January 17, 2011

The Logic of a Three Year Old.

Okay, so I was taking a couple of minutes today to rest my aching back- via water, in the only private place in my house (relatively speaking, of course).... hopefully I haven't lost you now with any mental images, because I think it'll be worth following me on this one. At least momentarily.

And you would think that in such a place only the most important and urgent of interruptions would be fool enough to break the medium level quiet I was beginning to enjoy.

And so it was: There was an interruption. Something of such large importance that it simply could not wait until the end. Absolutely could not wait until I was satisfied. Certainly too important to for that.

My Three year old bursts into the bathroom. She is holding a long silver string of miniature tree garland, and she has the message of the century for me:

I'm gonna Kill it! The monster in my room; I'm gonna kill it with a necklace...... Cause I'm SUPER PIPPY!
.......oh...... I made a fart.  (looking behind her in minor embarassment)

Now, this was news indeed. Because she has been telling me about monsters in her room for quite some time..... perhaps somewhere in her mind she had been ruminating on the exact solution to her very big problem. But clearly, she had seen the answer, and everyone must know...... or at least the person for whom it was least convenient at the time.

She was so proud of herself, and very confident in the fact that she was Super Pippy! and that  the salvation had been found. I wonder sometimes if we shouldn't be more like a three year old.....

For the record, not the part about bursting in on private moments, but the part about having belief.
She saw the solution and was ready to throw herself headlong into it all.

I wonder if we have enough belief in God that when a solution is provided to the demons that we face,  we are able to fully give ourselves to it.

I know that I find that there are problems that I come up against that seem too big, and sometimes they scare me, just like her monster was front and center for her. I'd like to believe that God has made me all that I need to be in order to handle those situaitons. Sometimes, though, like in the Bible with the Man that said "Lord I believe; Help my unbelief!"
 I have to ackowledge that I'd be better off to have the faith of a three year old, ......but  hopefully not the flatulence.

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  1. Jen This is so awesome. The Bible teaches Faith like a child. Children are such a blessing and so wonderful you can learn from your 3 year old.Betz xo


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