Thursday, February 17, 2011

"I'm gonna burn my books!"

Wow, this is totally the kind of thing that you want to hear from a homeschooled

Before it sounds a little too disturbing, let me put it in a bit of perspective for you: John has spent his grade one year working on his books, and as all kids do, enjoying some subjects more than others.....

We knew that he was getting to the end of his grade one year, and we decided that we were going to set goals to finish all of the subjects by certain dates, to keep him motivated to complete his year.
The end of all of this would result in "THE WEEK OF WII" (Does that sound wonderful to anyone but a male child?),
Hopefully this affords me the time to do some long overdue mark recording, and issuing of report cards.

So we've spent the last week ending the subjects on the agreed upon dates, and we have come to today.... the date that the last subject, reading, is finished.
Not the child's favourite subject for the record. And being the child who looks most like me, you'd think he'd have inherited my love for reading...... no, not so much.
He's fine with listening to a story read out loud, but hand the boy a book and you've got a fight on your hands....

Being all boy- he appreciates movies, and Wii...... lots of Wii.

So, He finished reading today while I was occupied putting children down for naps,.... and while I am upstairs, I hear him yell "I'm gonna burn all my books!"
Well, of course I suspect what is going on, and make my way down the stairs just to make sure he's not serious, cause knowing this kid, he know EXACTLY where the gas stove is and HOW to turn it on. And I'm thinking after all the grief we got over this reading curriculum this year he might just do it.

Kind of hard to prove the kid did the work if it somehow goes up in smoke.

Now, sombody ought to get a laugh out of this, cause it's not likely to be me: I waddle my pregnant self down the stairs to observe my child doing a dance in the living room and chanting something about being done school for the year now; I ask him to see the book, and have to notify him that he has three more questions left........and that under no circumstances was he allowed to set fire to his books, cause I need to keep them......Ohhhhh...... that didn't go over too well......

So not to be outdone, the kid does the three questions and saunters over to the trash can and slam dunks the book in the can..... Only to be rescued by mom from the left-over chinese food red sauce recently left there .... and only barely so..... and yes.... the answers were quite in tact and ready for marking.

So, the week of Wii begins.....Congratulations Bee.

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