Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coming out of the fog

It's been a while since I've written; too long really.
I'll take a few moments to update you on what is going on with us:

We welcomed our bundle of joy on May 10th. Rachel Eleanor. This means the girls officially out number the boys again. She is now almost 6 months old, and doing something new every day.  She seems fairly easy-going, save for the moments when she wants mom and no one else. ;) Current loves seem to be rolling over and the Jolly Jumper.

Michaela turned two in September, and everything you expect of a two-year old. She is busy, lively, and quite free-spirited. She has a fond dislike for socks, anything that brushes her hair back, and the floor. she is a climber by nature, and seems to push the limits daily on things that must be explored.

Sarah started JK this year and is really enthusiastic about it. She proves much easier in that department than the boys. Let us hope she does not lost her enthusiasm for learning any time soon,
She has turned into quite the chatterbox, and with a larger vocabulary now she is letting everyone know what she thinks.

John is still our resident artist; next to daddy of course. He can often be found with pencil crayons, or crayons or some type of crafty project. Inherently a hands-on individual, he prefers to be working on something; sometimes that means he is using a hammer and nails or screws in the drywall, simply because he wanted to 'fix' something. He is an expert on all things potty language, and takes every opportunity to display his proficiency. He is currently interested in being a zoo keeper when he grows up.

Josh is still as social as ever. He must take after me in that department, cause he doesn't get it from Mark. He's become quite the tech savy little monkey; in fact he is the one called whenever mommy can't figure out the electronics and he generally comes up and takes care of the issues right away.

Things are as active around here as they have always been; I hear that one day we'll miss this..... well, I know one thing I won't miss: not sleeping through the night. That is one thing I want to come back- a night of full sleep. Maybe then I'll feel like I've come out of the fog ;)

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  1. Jen, your blog is pretty darn funny! I hope all is well with you and your brood :)


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