Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Squealing little girls

Anyone got any idea why little girls squeal?

I don't know.... Guess I'm not the Squealing type. Don't remember ever being the squealing type, although if I was I am sure that someone that remembers my childhood will be happy to correct me.

I have squealing little girls..... ear splitting, glass shattering kind of Squeally girls.
They are currently running around my living room. And Squealling..... (Just in case that wasn't apparent enough <grin>)

Now, that would be annoying enough, but 'squealing little girls' take on 'migraine residue' in the match of the day. Migraine hit yesterday. Unfortunately my Good friend Advil Liqui-Gels are not strong enough to be a good corner man..... forgive the Boxing terminology..... Trying to fight off a massive headache just brings it out in me.

Squeally little girls are fighting dirty today..... See, I was given the hope of an easy day..... My 2 year old was very quiet this morning..... VERY QUIET..... Laying on the floor- fever of 102- can't be bothered to pick my head up- quiet...... Very unusual..... VERY! Kid kissed the canvas.

So I thought I was in for an easy day, with my main noise maker out of the ring.

Then she starts making noise..... dreadful noise.....  Which prompted the addition of a rectal thermometer to the fight. Then the fight got intense. Funny how a lethergic two year old finds a little spare energy for just long enough to protest that kind of thermometer.

So, mommy decided that Pippy could have a round of Tylenol. Then, about 45 minutes later, the running and squealling began... Happy noise instead of the really unhappy kind. Right now, I can't tell if one is worse than the other.

Amazing how much improvement you see in a sick child with a single dose of tylenol.

So Sarah and Michaela are currently running round the living room making that noise.
The sucker punch of the match is John- who decided that provoking them is his sole job today. If there is one thing John's good at, it's poop disturbing, but don't tell him I said that.
I bet you didn't know little boys can squeal too.... Doesn't help a migraine much.

I don't know who will throw in the towel first, and if it's me, I'm not sure I'll tell you....

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