Saturday, August 28, 2010

You want me to take what?!

I have an almost three year old among my crew. Three year olds are definitely an odd breed. Eccentric, Unpredictable, Never the same way two days in a row.

My three year old still happens to nap, and go to bed a night..... which I'm sure that all people would think is a good thing. So we usually have a bit of a routine... and then we let her do her thing- and hope that she sleeps.

So, recently we had been having an odd request from our small child...... but not until the bed time routine was done and we sat down on the couch, finally thinking that we were going to get some 'down time' for the day. I can imagine you thinking that it's the standard "I have to pee/drink/brush my teeth/give the gerbil a hug.


The first night it happened it surprised me just like I think it's gonna surprise you:

"I have a dljwouedo, you have to come take it!

Say what?

We started the parental refrain of 'Go to bed'.

Not to be deterred this game went on for about 15 mintues or so, and she just wouldn't quit.

Neither one of us knew what she was talking about, so Mark goes up the stairs, listens to what she has to say and then comes down the stairs.
Holding a Domino.

She had a Domino in her room and she absolutely would not go to bed until it was removed from her bedroom...

Yeah, here's me shaking my head... and we can not figure out what was so special about this domino that it absolutely had to leave her room.
This is the child that has about 25 'babies' in her room and all of the diaperbags, bottles, clothes and what not that you can possibly imagine. They are strewn all over her floor. Most days you can hardly find it.
And yet, she noticed one domino. One White domino. In the midst of all of the chaos, one domino made it impossible for her to go to bed. But only after we had sat down to relax.

Can we say 'Princess and the pea'?!

We've had this happen quite a few times since then..... a domino here, a half a plastic easter egg there....
It used to be that she was missing one of her '100 sheep' and left the rest until she had returned the missing 'baby' to the rest of them in her room.... and agin how she noticed one missing from the pile, I'll never know.
I still can't figure it out. It's almost like she takes a mental stock of the mess, like studying a "where's Waldo' picture and then says oops... that's what's out of place.... There's Waldo!

Don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Except for John and his animation discrimination..... but THAT is a story for another day.

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