Sunday, August 30, 2015

All the reason in the world to pay full attention

The Negotiator is convinced we need a cat. It's not really likely to happen, but we did end up with a gerbil farm, all because of a field trip to price pet supplies, as an extension of math class, so I guess nothing's impossible.

This morning she was asking for a pen and a paper.

When I asked what she'd like to use it for, she replied "So that I can make a list of all the things we're going to need to get a cat."

"Fair enough." (I've learned to just roll with these things now. Just because we end up with a list of things a cat needs, doesn't mean we'll need a cat right?!)

Since I was currently in the middle of taking care of another task, she started making her list aurally.

"A bed, a litter box, cat food, water, a urinal...."

"A Urinal?!!!"

"No mom. A YARN BALL"!

Serves me for being distracted!

What wonderful things have you misheard your children say lately?

POST SCRIPT: We now have TWO CATS, and a crazy cat lady in the works... and she's making lists about dogs now...

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