Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! (A commentary on falling 'off the wagon')

I wrote this as a response to a post in my weight loss support group, but I'm CERTAIN that more than one person needs this today. So edited for your reading pleasure:

You've fallen off the wagon and you're panicking. You think you've gained weight. You think all is lost.You're wondering where you go from here. You ask "What do I do now?!"

 So here's what you're gonna do.

First, take a deep breath. This is not an emergency.
I know it feels like it, but it's not. In the context of things, you've been here before and you can get out of it again. Your tool is still intact. It still works. Remember gastric bypass was never a cure-all. It's just one of many tools you work. So pick up your tool and work it.

Second, remember that it's not 'all or nothing'. You have the ability to decide that you are not left behind, and that you're not running from something (being fat, fear of regain etc) but running TO something (health, mobility, the feeling of comfort in your clothes.)
Make all your choices through that lens

Third, get rid of the junk food. The temptation is too large. Remove it from the house while you choose to get back to basics.

Fourth, get back to basics. Review week six of the surgery manual; if you lost yours, get another one.  The diet for life is your friend.
Track your food, there is just something about having to write it down that makes you think twice about eating the junk. Don't forget to measure. Portion sizes get big fast when we 'eyeball' it. Seriously.
For those of you reading this post that haven't had gastric bypass, this part won't make much sense to you, but suffice it to say there is a specific diet we adopt for long term health. The main theme of this thought is to get 'back to basics', and eat a diet appropriate to your situation.

Fifth get moving. Physical activity will help give you some exercise high and burn some calories. Both good toward your goal.

Sixth, revisit where you've come from. If you took 'Before' shots and measurements, and you are not as high as you were at your highest, this is the time to take them out...... forget what happened in the middle of your journey. You are likely still ahead of where you were.

If you are not, all is not lost. Not even a little bit. Repeat steps one through five until you get back to seeing results. In the meantime, make sure to work your support systems to their fullest. If that includes psych for depression parts of the journey, don't feel one iota of guilt. Just make the call and get an appointment. No shame. Make sure to get all the help you need to get healthy.

You've got this.

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